Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Identity Theft and Fraud

As you’re probably aware, phishing attacks can cost organizations anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars per attack in fraud-related losses. Now, however, in addition to the internet, you can be a fraud victim via voice and text as well. How familiar are you with pharming, vishing and smishing? Is your organization prepared to guard against such attacks and prevent costly disruptions? Check this week’s articles to see if your plans and policies cover everything they should. Remember that many of these attacks originally aimed at individuals have easily become attacks on businesses.

You can learn more about how email and website spoofing work in this article. (Item #1) Spear phishing is a more sophistical phishing attack. (Item #2) Read here to discover six key ways to protect your firm from the growing dangers of spear phishing. (Item #3)

There is a new form of internet fraud out there these days:  it is called Vishing. (Item #4) Business ID theft can turn your business dream into a personal nightmare. (Item #5) Identifying a smishing scam is the first defense against becoming a victim of the crime. (Item #6)

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