Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Crisis Communications

How would you define a crisis for your organization? Power out? Building inaccessible? Environmental disaster? Whatever your definition, you need to have a communication plan for as many possible scenarios as you can imagine. You'll never be able to plan for everything, but much of your plan will be usable for whatever happens. This week's articles focus on the strategy behind crisis communication, how to put everything into play, and the importance of drilling to ensure the plan works.

If you view crisis communications as the ultimate firefighting exercise, you can deal with it effectively. (Item #1) If you've ever wished for a chart to guide your crisis communications activities, here's your wish fulfilled. (Item #2) As the ultimate unplanned activity, a crisis does not lend itself to conventional “command and control” management practices. (Item #3)

You have as many spokespersons as you have employees; are you training them in how to react in a crisis? (Item #4) You'll be both surfing and swimming in the midst of a crisis situation; you need to understand the role of each. (Item #5) It's critical to put your communications plan to the test... will it work? (Item #6)

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