Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Benefits & Economics of Business Continuity Planning

We've all been there... you’re in the budget meeting fighting for money for business continuity planning and competing with other departments that are perceived as profit centers. Many of us have not been able to win the fight. This week’s articles discuss the benefits and economics of BCP in ways that we can use to discuss the ROI of business continuity in financial and other terms.

This list of BCP benefits was compiled from readers of Continuity Central and provides some interesting reading. (Item #1) If you can determine the financial consequences of a disaster, you can better argue for the resources to prevent one. (Item #2) Consider this author’s quantitative approach to business continuity investment when you’re preparing for your next budget meeting. (Item #3)

This list of benefits might come in handy for your budget proposal as well. (Item #4) Here’s a discussion of why organizations make or should make the decision to invest in BCP. (Item #5) When deciding how to allocate funds for BCP, make sure you understand the difference between what contributes to the perception of safety and actually being safe. (Item #6)

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