Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Workplace Violence

Roughly two million American workers are victims of workplace violence every year. The annual cost of this violence is estimated to be in the billions. Organizations are affected in many ways, and it’s unclear whether the impact on employees can even be measured. This issue focuses on how and why workplace violence occurs, the warning signs, and what you can do about it and its aftermath.

Workplace violence is receiving increased attention thanks to a growing awareness of the toll that violence takes on workers and workplaces. (Item #1)  Avoid thinking that most workplace violence happens because an individual has “snapped,” going violent spontaneously without provocation. (Item #2)  The personal and economic toll can be incalculable in terms of loss and suffering. (Item #3)

Protecting employees, customers and clients from harm should be the primary concern of any company's security personnel as well as its senior executives, but planning should also include looking at longer-term impacts of violence. (Item #4)  There are a number of legal theories that could lead to civil liability following an incident of workplace violence. (Item #5)  Only planning and training for workplace violence will mitigate your risks for accidents and threats. (Item #6) 

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