Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Business Continuity and the Cloud

Cloud computing -- or SaaS -- is a very much talked about today. Some of the talk is about its benefits (scalability, reliability, accessibility, etc.) but some of the talk is about its drawbacks (complexity, cost, security, etc.).  Whatever your point of view, it seems that the cloud is here to stay, so we all should be considering how and if we can use it effectively and strategically to achieve our disaster recovery and business continuity goals. This week’s articles could prove helpful toward making that decision.

As the cloud matures and continues to provide cost-efficient and scalable methods of computing for infrastructure, applications, and data, it’s likely to become an increasingly popular option for enterprise disaster recovery. (Item #1)   Clouds are here to stay and an increasingly important aspect of how organizations achieve their goals with technology. (Item #2)   There are specific cloud technologies that have become driving factors for better business IT redundancy. (Item #3)

Why is the cloud such a powerful choice for companies' BC and DR requirements? (Item #4)   The jury is still out on whether using cloud-based services increases or decreases the likelihood of business interruptions. (Item #5)   What information do you need to obtain from your cloud provider when it comes to the protection of business-critical data? (Item #6)

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