Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Flu and Business Continuity

Although flu season, according to the experts, is starting later this year, we can still expect flu outbreaks over the winter and, like last year, they could be significant. If you haven't planned for flu yet this year, it's not too late to save you and your employees from the effects of this year's flu season. This week's articles provide insight and information to help your organization get through with the least impact.

In addition to preparing for the impact of a flu outbreak, you should consider what you will do to help your employees stay healthy. (Item #1)   The "Mobilizing Against Pandemic" study outlines five simple steps organizations can take to support a mobile workforce in the event of a serious flu outbreak. (Item #2)   Learn what two strategies are recommended to businesses and employers this flu season. (Item #3)

Proper planning will allow employers in the public and private sectors to better protect their employees and lessen the impact of a pandemic or seasonal flu outbreak on society and the economy. (Item #4)   In non-medical terms the flu is explained, followed by how it is spread and then how all executives and facility management in any organization can prepare. (Item #5)   From a numbers standpoint, the flu ravages a business much like it does the human body. (Item #6)

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