Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Insider Threats to Business Continuity

If you looked around you, could you pick out which of your colleagues is an insider threat? Maybe, but probably not. And, if you could, what would/could you do about it? Sadly, most organizations do not have a much better chance of picking out the threats than you do and less of an idea on how to mitigate the risk they present. If you don’t know how to identify and deal with these human risks, however, your organization can suffer serious consequences. Take a look through this week’s articles to find some ideas on how to deal with insider threats.

Here’s why you need a proactive approach to protecting information assets from authorized users with malicious intent. (Item #1)   While the motivations are usually the same, there are three distinct, but different, types of insiders that can pose a threat to your organization's security. (Item #2)   Organizations can successfully mitigate insider threats using the measures outlined here. (Item #3)

In this article TK Keanini looks at the practical steps that organizations can take to protect data and systems from insider threats. (Item #4)   Teach your employees to keep a secret — after all, your company’s secrets are the treasures you’re trying to protect. (Item #5)   The answer to the question of why some companies would have no special protection against insider threats is an easy one: leaders and managers who make those decisions are people too and given to naturally positive human assumptions and ignorance. (Item #6)

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