Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Workplace Violence

The month of April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month and is commemorated nationally, for the fifth year, by the Alliance Against Workplace Violence (AAWPV). AAWPV intends to “highlight the preventable nature of most workplace violence incidents.” This issue reinforces their efforts... please take the time to read how you can recognize and help prevent violence in the workplace.

Employers need to be on the lookout for workers who display any of these eight warning signs of violent behavior. (Item #1)   Employers can’t prevent all workplace violence, but they can take steps to minimize the chances of workplace violence. (Item #2)   Not all measures will be practical in every workplace, but effective measures that could reduce the risk of violence may be found for any workplace. (Item #3)

Workplaces must stay vigilant by enforcing their own workplace human resources/security policies. (Item #4)   The moment of termination is often a crisis; if it's handled well, everything thereafter goes smoothly, but if it's handled poorly, anything can happen. (Item #5)   Whether or not an employer ignores complaint of workplace violence, minor or major, the employee should report all incidents in writing as soon as possible to a supervisor or manager and alert security to the situation. (Item #6) 

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