Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Data Privacy

Feb 1, 2017 - Are you doing the best job possible to manage your users' privacy? Yes, your data is likely secure but privacy is another matter. The dangers to data privacy often are more likely to come from your authorized users -- employees, vendors, etc. This issue looks at data privacy and discuss what we should be doing to maintain that privacy.

The difference between security and privacy is critical, and it's when we confuse them that we reveal more information than we intended. (Item #1)   The collection and manipulation of Big Data can result in real-world benefits, but it also can lead to big privacy problems. (Item #2)   Here are some key areas where planners need to be concerned with private and personally identifiable information when creating, updating, and testing disaster recovery plans. (Item #3)

In the digital economy, our personal information is the New Money to pay for services. (Item #4)   With organizations collecting increasing amounts of data, customers and the governments that represent them have evolving expectations about the transparency surrounding data collection, and the laws that govern the usage and reporting of it.  (Item #5)   Companies are increasing technology investments to protect against external data breaches, but employees pose a bigger threat than hackers. (Item #6)

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