Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Records Retention

February 15, 2017 - When's the last time you reviewed your records retention policy (if you have one)? You should have a policy/process for records retention and should review it at least annually. This issue discusses why records retention is critical and can help you determine which records to keep and for how long, how to handle a retention schedule, and other issues of interest.

These three rules can help you stay on top of your record management responsibilities. (Item #1) Do you need to develop document retention standards and procedures for your Business Continuity Program?  (Item #2) Preservation of vital records is a pillar of any Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan. (Item #3)

Here are seven common mistakes of record retention—dare we call them deadly sins?—and strategies to avoid them. (Item #4) This article can help answer your questions about email retention. (Item #5) Here's some help to determine which documents to shred and which to keep and for how long. (Item #6)

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