Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Emergency Notification Systems (ENS)

September 20, 2017 - In any emergency, information is critical. How to deliver that information is something companies continually struggle with -- social media, the cloud, etc. One choice is an emergency notification system, which also could be used as a mass communication medium in non-emergency situations. If you have one, maybe it needs updating. If you don't, here's some information on why you might want one and how to integrate it into your organization and your business continuity planning.

The ROI of an emergency notification system begins with the belief that protecting employees and others from harm should be a priority. (Item #1)  Here's some help to sell an ENS within your organization. (Item #2)  How do you know if you need or need to upgrade a mass notification system? (Item #3)

There are multiple reasons and benefits for why you should have your own emergency notification system in place before the next disaster strikes. (Item #4)  Not every action can be pre-defined yet many can; the best way to figure out what can be automated and what needs a human touch is to assess your environment. (Item #5)  If you are confused about emergency notification systems available, this site will let you compare them against each other. (Item #6)

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