Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Workplace and Domestic Terrorism

September 6, 2017 - More and more, terrorist threats come from within rather than outside our businesses or our country. Homegrown domestic terrorists have planned and perpetrated acts of violence that we need to be able to defend against. Have you planned how to detect, survive and recover from a terrorist act? No? Well, now is the time. These articles can get you started on planning or updating your current plans.

Despite the fact that preparedness diverts time and resources from other activities, there are overwhelming reasons why businesses must address this issue now. (Item #1)   The most important thing during an incident is to make sure that people are safe; your priority is the maintenance of human life, not just the continuation of the business. (Item #2)   A terror attack could certainly happen here; how are you preparing? (Item #3)

How can you check to see if you might be hiring a terrorist? (Item #4)   Read about the value of listening to and training your employees and how it could help you prevent a tragedy. (Item #5)   What should you do to protect your employees, your organization, and its stakeholders from a terrorist attack? (Item #6)

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