Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues of Business Continuity

May 2, 2018 - The laws and regulations of business continuity planning are pretty well known at this point, but ethical and cultural considerations may not be. These ethical and cultural issues are not illegal, but, as some have called some such practices, are "lawful but awful." You need to consider all these issues in your planning to prevent problems and even liabilities.

Legal issues and business risks go hand-in-hand, and BCP and DR are no exceptions. (Item #1)  Ethical and cultural issues play an important role in business continuity planning. (Item #2)  Acting ethically is more than simply doing what the law requires; it is also "doing the right thing", an approach that is an integral part of an emerging discipline of "integrity management". (Item #3)

Strategic planning for organizational "integrity" continuity is essential for avoiding, mitigating, and surviving organizational scandals and (un)ethical disasters. (Item #4)  Your company can display two types of resilience---business resilience and cultural resilience. (Item #5)  Just as business has developed a safety culture, it now needs to develop a continuity culture. (Item #6)

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