Wednesday, May 30, 2018

National Safety Month

May 30, 2018 - June is the annual observance of National Safety Month and time to think about your organization's safety culture. If you're not committed to safety and working to incorporate it into all your plans and policies, you should be. Check out this week's articles and see how you can raise the priority for safety in your company.
Here are some downloads to get you thinking about National Safety Month. (Item #1)   Do you know what fatigue is costing your company in terms of safety and dollars? (Item #2)   Where does National Safety Month come from, and how can your company participate? (Item #3)

Thinking about safety is not just for construction workers. (Item #4)   Here are 25 ways to tell whether or not you have an awesome safety culture. (Item #5)   Workplace safety games can enhance employees' understanding of safety policies and standards. (Item #6)

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