Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Crisis Communication

October 17, 2018 - As you read through this week's articles, you will see several themes... respond quickly, tell the truth and apologize. There's lots more good information as well. Companies have to act like people in a crisis situation, and the way they communicate can enable that perception in their stakeholders. We hope you don't have to put this information to use, but, let's face it, stuff happens, and we all need whatever help we can get just in case.

Starbucks raised the bar on how to do what's right when something goes wrong. (Item #1)  Here are five crisis communications takeaways from the characters of "Stranger Things." (Item #2)  Unsure of where to begin preparing to communicate in a crisis? Here are seven tips your organization should master. (Item #3)

In this digital age, there are several questions crisis communication plans should address. (Item #4)  Here's a look at five examples of crisis communication fails and what we can learn from them about what not to do in a business crisis. (Item #5)  While this expert says that "crisis is inevitable," she believes that when handled properly a crisis can actually give a boost to an organization. (Item #6)

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