Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Changing Face of Terrorism

October 31, 2018 - This past week has been a sad reminder to us that terrorism is no longer just something we need to fear from foreign enemies. At a grocery store in Kentucky (and almost at a church there), at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and at any number of locations across the country targeted with bombs by mail, we have seen domestic terror at work. It would seem that it's time -- if we haven't done so already -- to learn more about the changing face of terrorism and to incorporate some terrorism training into our orientations at work (see Item #4). See what this week's articles have to say about terrorism today and how we can help our employees deal with this threat in the workplace.

The ability of organizations to adapt to the changing pattern of terrorism is essential if they are able to limit the effects of terrorism on their operations and employees. (Item #1)   The changing nature of terrorism has impacted the world in many ways; today businesses need to understand the risk posed by terrorist attacks on their people, property, and technology. (Item #2)   If the government started seeing violent anti-Semitic or white supremacist groups as more like jihadist groups, several things could change. (Item #3)

The workplace will continue to be an ideal target for international terrorists---even more so due to a lack of preparedness and a perceived lack of employer emphasis on workplace preparedness for terrorism. (Item #4)   With terrorism affecting the Western world like never before it's imperative to keep employees feeling safe. (Item #5)   Terrorism is an act of desperation rather than real power. (Item #6)

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