Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Compliance and Business Continuity

The regulatory environment means that monitoring what information leaves your organization is as vital as protecting it from external attacks. In the past 10 years, regulations have multiplied and compliance now often requires entire departments to handle. How does regulatory compliance affect business continuity? If non-compliance ends up in huge financial penalties or loss of reputation, you could be out of business fast. Read on...

The organization's leaders must be guided by certain core principles, without which they are unlikely to add value or contribute to the fulfillment of the company's mission. (Item #1) Are you familiar with new e-discovery requirements? If not, it could cost you millions. (Item #2) Do new regulations in effect pose a business continuity problem, a legal problem, or a technical question? (Item #3)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; the same is not true of what happens online. (Item #4) Companies that elevate business continuity and disaster recovery to a strategic level in their business and compliance activities do more than avoid risk. (Item #5) A lot of organizations are still in denial and, because the worst hasn't happened to them or anybody they know personally, they assume that it probably never will. (Item #6)

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