Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Workplace Violence -- nearly 1,000 workers are murdered & 1.5 million are assaulted annually.

From an MSNBC report last week: The killing of Yale student Annie Le has shined a spotlight on the issue of workplace violence after police arrested a colleague at the lab where she worked and charged him with murder. As we have said before, OSHA finds that homicide is the fourth-leading cause of work-related deaths in the U.S.; nearly 1,000 workers are murdered and 1.5 million are assaulted every year. We hope this week's articles will help you plan for workplace violence incidents and protect your employees and your organization.

Take steps to become better equipped to recognize and respond to workplace violence and protect their employees. (Item #1) Do you know the 13 early warning signs of workplace violence? (Item #2) Workplace attackers usually don't just explode; if you're attuned to warning signs, perpetrators usually telegraph their motives. (Item #3)

What do you know about negligent hiring and negligent retiring? (Item #4) Reactions to increased tension, stress, and in some instances shock have resulted in a variety of workplace violence incidents. (Item #5) Returning to work routines following any violent incident at the workplace can be very challenging. (Item #6)

Finally, Item #7 is a fact sheet on workplace violence that you can post and/or distribute to employees.

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