Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Business Continuity Planning

Is your business continuity plan up-to-date with any changes in your organization? Does it reflect any new potential risks? Are the right people in charge or in the know? Check your plan to answer these questions and take a look at these articles to give you some new insights on how to make your plan better.

If there was a catastrophe like a dirty bomb, many of the affected small-and-medium-sized businesses would go out of business. (Item #1) Here are some important points to consider when developing a business continuity plan. (Item #2) Do you know how cloud computing impacts business continuity planning? (Item #3) 

For some businesses in the World Trade Center, their business continuity plans were truly their lifelines; they could be for your nonprofit, as well. (Item #4) BCP is not a functional agenda; it is one of the top-10 risks covered by enterprise risk functions of organizations. (Item #5) The advent of virtualization technology has improved business continuity planning and execution for many organizations, but, if deployed or managed carelessly, virtualization can itself create business disruptions or data disasters. (Item #6)

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