Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workplace Violence

For years now, violence in the workplace has been one of the biggest threats to employees, as well as to corporate reputation. With workplace murders increasing every year, some experts say that the workplace is the most dangerous place to be in America. This week's articles were selected to provide assistance in keeping your workplace a safer place to be.

Check out these 10 warning signs of violence in the workplace. (Item #1) Do your managers and employees know how to deal with potential incidents of violence? (Item #2) If your organization won't take action against an employee, you should read this. (Item #3)

Perhaps, if your workplace violence policies were improved, the risk of violence would decrease. (Item #4) Terminations carry with them a great potential for violence; here are some tips for safer terminations. (Item #5) What's an employer to do to prevent workplace violence? (Item #6)

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