Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cyber Issues

Cybercrime, cyber terrorism, cyber-espionage and cyber war are escalating issues in the 21st century. Every organization needs to take steps to ensure they are prepared to deal with – or prevent -- an instance of hacking, because it seems cyber issues can impact everyone at one time or another. This week's articles shed some light on some of the concerns you should have about protecting your organization from cyber issues of all kinds.

According to the FBI, 71% of American companies endanger their financial stability by not having insurance that will cover Internet liability.  (Item #1) Lack of appropriate insurance leaves a company vulnerable to a wide-range of financially devastating cyber exposures. (Item #2) IT keeps you open for business, but if you're not careful it can close you down for good. (Item #3)

An analysis of the impact and business risks of cybercrime attacks, plus the preferred security solution to effectively protect corporate networks and data. (Item #4) The e-mails may look authentic, but are they? (Item #5) Cyber security is now a major international concern, with hackers gaining access sensitive corporate and military secrets, including intellectual property. (Item #6)

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