Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning

There are so many disasters and disruptions that can happen to any business, it would be foolhardy not to have a plan to deal with them. Sure, many of them may never happen to you, but some probably will – and one of them could be your downfall. We hope this week’s articles will encourage you to get busy on your plan, or, if you have one, to make sure it’s up to date and includes everything it needs to.

Despite the close attention paid to the details of methodologies and best practices, business continuity programs are not as successful as they should be. (Item #1) This survey provides answers to questions we may not have thought of asking with regard to business continuity planning. (Item #2) In a recent survey, protection of brand out-paced other top reasons for business continuity. (Item #3)

New technologies and trends can create new challenges for IT, information security and risk management executives. (Item #4) Disaster recovery planning is a crucial component of today’s network-based organizations that determine productivity, and business continuity. (Item #5) Building a business continuity plan is an ongoing job, but mature technologies exist that meet the range of key requirements. (Item #6) 

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