Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cyber Crime

According to security experts, the threats of cybercrime and cyber terrorism are real and need to be taken seriously. No business is exempt from these attacks, so you need to ensure you take all precautions possible. The articles below provide usable information on what to be aware of and how to protect your organization.

Today's attackers are better at sharing real-time intelligence than their targets, and fixing this should be a top priority in 2012. (Item #1) Seconds matter in cybercrime investigations, but it’s nearly impossible to contact Google, Facebook and others by phone. (Item #2) If your security isn’t up to par, you’re vulnerable to cybercriminals. (Item #3)

Whether sophisticated or low-tech attach, cyber terrorism may be a greater threat that any physical attack. (Item #4) Businesses must constantly be on the alert to outwit cyber criminals; a number of simple procedures to enhance IT protection can help to fend off attacks. (Item #5) Here’s a link to a site where you can initiate a complaint about cybercrime. (Item #6)

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