Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online Reputation Management

Your good online reputation is a critical component of your ability to stay in business... if it's damaged beyond repair, you may not survive. If you haven't made online reputation management (ORM) a part of your business continuity plan, the articles below can help you understand ORM and figure out how to protect and/or defend your reputation.

Every user is a critic and every brand is fair game; you need to manage your reputation. (Item #1) Do you know your reputation's weakness? (Item #2) Your good reputation is your greatest asset and needs to be protected. (Item #3)

Damage to an organization's reputation is often regarded as the most important risk. (Item #4) Reputation is a major risk issue for all organizations and needs to be considered alongside all the other major risks. (Item #5) Being left in the dark when it comes to your online reputation can be compared to collecting customer comment cards at a brick and mortar store and tossing them in the trash without reading them. (Item #6)

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