Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Week, this year October 5-11, has been observed since 1922 to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, which occurred Oct. 8-9 in 1871. An even larger fire occurred on the same day -- the Peshtigo Fire, the most devastating forest fire in American history. The fire prevention campaign now lasts all of October, so you have plenty of time to check your evacuation and other safety plans and, most important, to practice them, as well as to make any updates necessary. And please, share this info with your employees so they can make plans at home.

All the facts you wanted to know about fire... and some you didn't. (Item #1)   Make sure everyone at home knows what to do in case of fire. (Item #2)   Fire safety practices can save jobs. (Item #3)

Being proactive and implementing simple fire prevention plans and programs can reduce the likelihood of experiencing a fire in the workplace. (Item #4)   You no doubt have fire extinguishers in your building, but do your employees know how to use them? (Item #5)   This item provides good information on evacuating during a fire; it could help save lives. (Item #6)

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