Wednesday, September 17, 2014


With most of the world concerned about the terrorist threat of ISIS/ISIL (*--see below), we should revisit the potential for terrorist attacks that impact our organizations directly or indirectly. In today’s world, terrorism is incredibly more complex than in the pre- or post-9/11 world. Several of this week’s articles describe the face of terrorism in 2014, as well as the likelihood of terrorist acts in the UK and the US.

U.S. officials now see ISIS as a credible threat, on a par with al Qaeda. (Item #1)   American intelligence agencies are working on a thorough assessment of the strength of ISIS. (Item #2)   How to be prepared for a terrorist attack. (Item #3)

The terrorism danger is more complex than ever, NY intelligence officials believe. (Item #4)   Peter Power looks at how the UK terrorism threat is changing and what business continuity managers can do to ensure their organization is prepared. (Item #5)   The most bloodthirsty terrorist group in memory is also a canny manipulator of social media. (Item #6)

* We’ve heard ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or the Islamic State, depending on which official or network you listen to. The Washington Post discusses the politics of these different names for the same group of terrorists at  

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