Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Business Continuity Awareness Week

This annual event, organized by the Business Continuity Institute, is designed to raise awareness of business continuity and resilience. This year it will be held May 16-23. The theme for the week is return on investment and it will look at the many advantages of business continuity. For example, your insurance premiums may be reduced (or not increased by as much!) if you an effective business continuity plan. Or possibly the analysis of you did of your organization has identified the potential for efficiency savings. Have you thought about what your business continuity ROI could be?

Here are three examples of potential ROI from taking a day-to-day resiliency approach. (Item #1)   Despite the clear and increasing risks, some companies do not implement business continuity solutions due to a lack of resources and the difficulty in determining the ROI. (Item #2)   This brief video discusses ROI and KPI measurement. (Item #3)

We don't have business continuity plans and BIA's for our personal lives.... so how, when knowing what you know about resiliency, risk, uncertainty, and recovery do you handle this away from the office? (Item #4)   How do you measure the unmeasurable? (Item #5)   When the question of ROI for business continuity planning arises, keep in mind that it is the wrong question to ask. (Item #6) 

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