Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Email Retention and Records Management

If you're struggling with the need to develop an email and records retention policy, you're not alone. You have to know what and how you have to do it and understand your organization's specific needs. This week's articles should get you on your way to an effective retention policy.

This post explains how to begin addressing one of the thorniest issues of document management and information governance; email and electronic communication. (Item #1)   Have you read about a recent business litigation case that depended on email correspondence to win? Probably. (Item #2)   While there is no specific FFIEC regulatory mandate for archiving, there are three reasons why you might want to consider archiving. (Item #3)

States need to do a better job of preserving electronic communications, both for transparency and historical value. (Item #4)   It's important for employers to be familiar with all relevant federal and state record retention laws. (Item #5)   When the question of ROI for business continuity planning arises, keep in mind that it is the wrong question to ask. (Item #6)

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