Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mass Communication Systems

What if you send out a mass notification and nobody gets it? This is the thing that nightmares are made of. Hopefully, this will never happen to any of us. To help ensure you know what you’re looking for, this week’s articles provide guidance on how to determine what you need and how to get it. Also, new technology means that these systems are much improved and are not just for emergencies any more.

Looks may not be everything when it comes to a mass notification solution, but the way an online solution feels and operates is nevertheless important: Lessons from The Bachelor. (Item #1)   Consider these seven key factors with emergency communication. (Item #2)   Here’s an analysis of current mass notification trends and how two-way listing, analog-to-digital and other factors will impact the future of MNEC. (Item #3)

Mass communication technologies are offering several new options and capabilities that go beyond the typical uses in traditional applications. (Item #4)   Mass communication is no longer just for emergencies.  (Item #5)   These 10 tips on evaluating mass notification vendors can help you avoid problems down the road. (Item #6)

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