Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Business Continuity Planning

It's important that you review and update your business continuity plan in order to cover all the possible risks -- everything from acts of terrorism to the zika virus. What's particularly important is ensuring that your current plan addresses all the risks that could affect your organization; readiness to respond is the goal. This week's articles cover what your plan should include, how to help your employees plan at home and what you should know about the zika virus.

Creating, updating, and testing your plan are all critical to responding successfully to a natural disaster or other business disruption. (Item #1)   You need to ensure that your business continuity plan completely documents all facets of the recovery process, and then (of course) regularly exercise it in practice.  (Item #2)   Here are 10 things a good BCP includes. (Item #3)

Institute a prep-at-home program at work to ensure your employees are personally prepared at home for a crisis. (Item #4)   If business continuity planning has taken a back seat in your business and you need some motivation for digging out, dusting off and updating your plan, let's not forget that it comes with a number of advantages. (Item #5)   Although predicting exactly how the outbreak may impact your business is difficult, you can better prepare for Zika's impact on your company with these five tips. (Item #6)

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