Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cyber Issues

Cyber hacking is always in the news. The recent hacking of the emails of the Democratic National Committee once again reminds us that cyber security should be a major concern for all of us. We have to continually update our security plans and processes – and our employee education -- so we can keep up with the advances made by hackers and other cyber criminals. This week’s articles may shed some light on how you can continue to protect your organization.

To close the gaps in their security, CEOs can take a cue from the U.S. military. (Item #1)   Former National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander speaks about cyber-security and the new threats posed to the U.S. economy and military. (Item #2)   Digital thieves’ most crucial adaptation in recent years has little to do with their technical tools and everything to do with their business model. (Item #3)

Is it conceivable to convey to machines a responsibility as complicated as cyber-security? (Item #4)   Here’s how company leaders can protect—and strengthen—the business with the right approach to information security. (Item #5)   IT and security experts discuss the leading causes of security breaches and what your organization can do to reduce them.  (Item #6)

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