Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Employee Issues

Your employees are a valuable resource and contribute mightily to your bottom line. There always are some employees, however, and some issues that can cause problems that might disrupt your business and adversely affect the bottom line. This week’s articles focus on how to deal with those employees and how to avoid situations that could compromise your business.

Problem employees comprise a very small portion of the workforce yet manage to consume a disproportionate amount of HR and management’s time and attention. (Item #1)   Here are some examples of employee relations issues that could lead to problems. (Item #2)   How can small businesses and HR professionals deal with employee personal issues? (Item #3)

These undesirable employees- and their antics - can hurt your small business… there are ways of dealing with these difficult employees. (Item #4)   Here are 10 surefire ways to mess with your CISO and put your company’s important information at risk! (Item #5)   There are some mistakes employers make that increase the odds of being subjected to employment-related lawsuits. (Item #6)

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