Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Social Media and Business Continuity

April 12, 2017 - Social media has been around quite a while now, and its use continues to grow. How does your company handle social media? Is it an important part of your business continuity plan? Do you encourage employees to use it or worry about the risks? Since it's not going away anytime soon, the time is definitely here to determine where social media fits into your BC strategy and how you're going to use it to best advantage. And don't forget that there are benefits AND risks of using social media in your business.

What's the secret to future-proofing your social-media strategy? (Item #1)   Small businesses should grab these five social media trends to consign old practices to the dustbin, embrace battle ready methods to win customers. (Item #2)   Social media can be a powerful tool in a business continuity management program arsenal. (Item #3)

Understanding how to monitor social media communications and interactions will enable you to both assess the risk and reap greater rewards through richer engagement. (Item #4)   Use technology to manage social media processes and embed corporate governance into the data management process to avoid the risks of social media. (Item #5)   Should employers be looking into their employees' social media habits/posts at work? (Item #6)

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