Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cyber Security

February 7, 2018 - Cybersecurity (or cybersecurity, whichever you prefer) is always in the news due to some kind of breach or another. There's no question that the next breach is probably right around the corner. And with the GDPR deadline fast approaching, organizations are more motivated to ramp up their cybersecurity. Everyone is focused on how to protect their systems and their data. This week's articles look at some past issues and some new approaches to the problem.

Companies throughout the world need to understand and ensure compliance with GDPR guidelines if they have any interaction with personal data from EU residents. (Item #1)   Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are every bit as critical to cybersecurity as application and network security. (Item #2)   A review of some of 2017's biggest cybersecurity disasters may give us a taste of what might be in store this year. (Item #3)

Blockchain tech has an inherent connection to cybersecurity. (Item #4)   Our approach to cybersecurity treats users like they are the problem, when they should be part of the solution. (Item #5)   It's time to get smarter about this lesser-known aspect of your cybersecurity program. (Item #6)

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