Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Insider Threats to Business Continuity

February 28, 2018 - Yes, some internal threats are intentional, but most are unintentional, which makes them difficult to guard against. Estimates indicate that more than 50% of businesses have been victimized by insider attacks. Don't let yours be one of them... take a look at this week's articles dealing with this growing threat.

Insider attacks may demonstrate characteristics of an external attack; they also may leave unique digital footprints that are identifiable risk indicators. (Item #1)   More than ever, your users are the weak link in your network security. (Item #2)   Ask these 10 questions when building an insider-threat program. (Item #3)

Board members must understand the various types of insider threats and then ask the right questions to ensure they give their cybersecurity leaders the resources and tools they need to build a robust program. (Item #4)   Information and case studies in this booklet from the Australian government can help you manage insider threat risks. (Item #5)   Could insider threats be the elephant in the security room? (Item #6)

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