Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Email Threats

February 14, 2018 - Email will always be with us and so will all the scams, hoaxes and threats that continue to grow each year. This issue focuses on understanding some of these threats and learning to combat them.

Malicious email authors are clever and relentless, and they are constantly developing new, or at least different ways to deceive and attack us. (Item #1)   Emails are here to stay, and companies have another problem besides handling the incoming and outgoing emails: an increasing number have to be stored for long periods of time due to laws & regulations. (Item #2)   There are at least three versions of this business email scheme. (Item #3)

Organizations need high email availability and continuity; you need an email continuity strategy. (Item #4)   Protecting the organization from email-based threats is ultimately a collaboration between all levels of an organization, from the CEO down to the rank-and-file. (Item #5)   Over 90% of all network breaches are caused by, or include a phishing attack; what can you do to protect your organization? (Item #6)

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